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Rewarding and recognising the contribution of women in the UK games industry. 

"This is your opportunity to nominate your partners, customers, colleagues and friends. Who do you think should be in the running to be a winner at the MCV Women in Games Awards?" 

The Pavs - NZ Games Festival

The Pavs are NZ and Australia's Own Cake Cabinet of Excellence in Game Development. 

"Every year, NZGF runs The Pavs as a celebration of ANZ's best and boldest game development achievements. From digital to tabletop, we aim to put a spotlight on local games that have gone the extra mile to immerse, entertain and tantalise." 

Women in Games WIGJ 

For women in video, mobile, online games and esports. 

"Women in Games WIGJ is a not for profit organisation that works to recruit more women into the games industry and to support those already in the industry. It also campaigns to ensure individuals and businesses understand that a more diverse workforce leads to greater productivity and financial success." 

IGDA Scholars Program

The IGDA Scholars Program is one of the most coveted awards for promising students in game development and related disciplines. 

"The program draws on a panel of industry experts to select a group of students who are considered the “best and brightest”. These Scholars get the opportunity to attend one of the many conferences that the program operates at, where they receive a complimentary pass, exclusive meeting opportunities, one-on-one mentoring from an industry veteran and tours of studios local to the event."

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