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Campaigns and Networks

#WeAre Campaign 

"We Are is an initiative created by the ESA Foundation in partnership with Red Bull Media House designed to connect women with diverse backgrounds in the video games industry, to educate on the impact of women in the community and the legacy they have achieved, and to inspire new voices and talent to contribute passionately to video games.”

For Women in Video Games and Esports 

Women In Games

"WIGJ is a non for profit organisation that works for recruit more women into the games industry and to support those already in the industry. It campaigns to ensure individuals and businesses understand that a more diverse workforce leads to greater productivity and financial sucess."

Girls Behind Games


"On International Women's Day, some of the developers from bioware shared reasons as to why they're passionate about games and let girls thinking about getting into the industry that we need their voices." 

Change the Game 

Google Play 

"Google Play's initiative Change the Game works to celebrate and promote women in games with the realease of an interactive experience and short film about the subject." 

I Need Diverse Games


"I Need Diverse Games seeks to bring projects, works and research by marginalized folks to light. We also seek to discuss, analyze and critique identity and culture in video games through a multi-faceted lens rooted in intersectionality." 

We Are Game Devs

Celebrates diversity in the video games industry 

"The mission of We Are Game Devs is to celebrate the diverse talent of the video game industry. Our goal is to feature artists, game designers, programmers and producers through candid conversation about the craft, business and culture of the video game industry."

IGDA Foundation

The Speaker Diversity Network

"The Speaker Diversity Network includes outstanding speakers who are also members of under-represented communities.  The network is designed to facilitate finding an exceptional speaker who can make a meaningful contribution to an event."

Women in Gaming


"Women from #TeamXbox who celebrate women within the interactive and entertainment tech industry."

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