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Our Stories

This page is dedicated to all of the women in tech, inspiring younger generations of girls to follow in their foot steps, and to those women who have inspired us to join a career in the industry. 

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My Kick Ass Female Boss

Early in my career, I landed a dream job in a big company which was mostly full of men. I was young and very nervous. My boss was a kick ass, incredibly strong minded woman, and her leadership gave me a lot of strength. Every single one of us can help inspire others, through leading by example.

Workforce Diversity

I work with an office full of inspirational women, and awesome supportive men. I love that our whole team understands how important diversity is for us as people and for us as a business.

Women Lead Company in a Male Lead Industry

I joined a predominantly male company, in a leadership role. Now we’re almost at gender parity, and we have two women in the only executive roles. Women help build each other up - we find each other, see each other’s talents and encourage each other. Find one cool woman and start working with her - and soon you’ll have a whole team of amazing women (and talented, supportive men too!).

Creating a great Company Culture

When I joined my current team, I was really surprised by how little ego anyone had. I’ve worked in great teams before, but there’s often at least one person who I have to fight to be ‘heard’ by. Here, everyone listens and respects each other’s opinions, even if we disagree. I’ve thought a lot about HOW this environment and culture has been built, and I think it’s mainly through employing really great people, and having respectful people in leadership positions

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